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Amenities Areas in Binfield Parish

Silver Jubilee Rocks!

Are you looking for a FREE activity to keep your children busy over May 2018 half term?

Visit Silver Jubilee Field (adjacent to Wicks Green Field, with a car park accessible from Stevenson Drive) which celebrates its 40th Year in the Parish this Year!

Binfield Parish Council have hidden lots of pebbles for you to find and keep or re-hide

If you find a special Binfield Badger pebble then drop it into the Parish Office between Tuesday 29 & Thursday 31 May to get a sweetie prize!

Huge thanks to 1st Binfield Brownies & Binfield Pre-School for their pebble painting!

Foxley Fields

This area is near the village centre adjacent to Binfield Primary School on Benetfeld Road. It has a large open grassed area often used by the school for their sports and even more frequently used by children for their running and ball games. For this reason dog walkers are asked to keep their dogs on leads and keep to the paths whilst crossing Foxley Fields.

There are three newly resurfaced tennis courts available to Binfield residents and those who work or go to school in the Parish and eligible to join the Binfield Tennis Association - please pick up an application for from the parish office or give them a call. There is also a link on this website, found under local organisations, with more information.

For the younger children there is a play area with a climbing frame, spinner and swings, and benches to sit, chat and relax. For the older energetic children and teenagers there is an all weather pitch with basketball hoops, integral cricket stumps and markings for several games. We are pleased to see that youngsters share the facility well with mixed age-groups organising various games.

There is now an adventure playground for the older children with more daring equipment - a york stone stack, swing roundabout and trampoline. There is also a basket swing that can be used by groups of children or is large enough to let less able or mobile children relax and join in the fun. More seats have been added recently so more people can have picnics in comfort.

The Parish Office is on this site, with its small car park, and the office staff would be pleased for you to visit, to report problems, check on lost property, pick up information leaflets, or read the notice board.


Wicks Green

This is the largest open space looked after by the Parish Council in Binfield and accessible via Stevenson Drive off Terrace Road North. Dogs are allowed off their leads here - but please remember to clear up after them. There is a newly installed Trim Trail around the perimeter of Wicks Green to encourage all ages to get or keep fit. There is also a Cableway for the adventurous! The play area has also recently been refurbished with a large swing, climbing blocks, and multi-purpose frame - all designed for older children.





Silver Jubilee Fields

Silver Jubilee Fields is adjacent to Wicks Green and it can be reached on foot via the Lane Wicks Green, or by parking in the Stevenson Drive car park. Between these two linked areas is a pond, not deep (but still a hazard to the unwary) which has varying depths of water depending on the season and weather.

At the northern side of this very attractive green space is an area of specimen trees. Some unusual trees have been planted and grown to maturity including Black Walnut, Pin Oak, White Berried Elderberry and Persian Ironwood.

There is a small play area for younger children which includes swings and a climbing frame surrounded by fencing to keep out dogs.


York Road

Surrounded by houses and between York Road and our allotments is an area of green space. It is a no dog area of grass - as the local pre-school uses the area for sports and it contains some unusual play equipment. There are swings, but also a Space Net and Go-Eight Skate for the older children. Not a well known area, but certainly worth a visit.

Generally around the village there are a number of boards on which you will find information about what's going on and benches to sit and take a rest. Residents requested a bench on the way up the Forest Road to the shops and the Council was pleased to be able to provide one. Let us know how we can enhance the village and make it a better place in which to be.


Farley Wood Centre

In the most southern part of the Parish is the Farley Wood Community Centre and park. This large grassed area is looked after by the Bracknell Forest Council where there are a number of football pitches, tennis courts and a small play area.







Popes Meadow

Along the west side of St Marks Road, another area looked after by the Borough Council is Popes Meadow - a Green Flag park. There are large grassed areas, a large pond, areas to enjoy walking, and a small play park for younger children. This contains a small climbing frame, spring horse rocker and two toddler swings.