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News  »  AGENDA - Annual Parish Council, 8 May 2018 at 8pm Binfield Library

   AGENDA - Annual Parish Council, 8 May 2018 at 8pm Binfield Library    2 May, 2018

There will be an Annual Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 8 May 2018 at the Binfield Library, Benetfeld Road, Binfield, commencing at 8:00pm. 

Members of the public would be most welcome to attend.

Download an Agenda here and please find the agenda items listed below.


             1             ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN - to consider the election of Chairman

2             DECLARATIONS OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE - to receive the Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office

3             CHAIRMANS’ ADDRESS

                (if appropriate, new Chairman takes Chair as outgoing Chairman retires)



5.1          Registers of Interest – to receive updated Registers of Interest (copies of required documentation previously circulated by the Deputy Clerk)

5.2          Declaration of Interest for this Meeting – to declare any prejudicial or personal interest in matters to be considered at this meeting


There are 15 minutes set aside for the public to ask questions



8.1          Amenity Committee  - (currently eight Members)

8.2          Planning & Transportation Committee - (currently eight Members)

8.3          Staffing Committee - (currently three Members)

(Please Note: the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are automatically ex-officio members of these Standing Committees unless they state otherwise)

Adjournment of Annual Parish Council Meeting to enable the three Committees to meet to elect their Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen and any Sub-Committees/Working Parties



Meeting of the Amenity Committee


  1. Election of Chairman
  2. Election of Vice-Chairman








Meeting of Planning & Transportation Committee


  1. Election of Chairman
  2. Election of Vice-Chairman







Meeting of Staffing Committee


  1. Election of Chairman



Annual Parish Council Meeting reconvened

9          ELECTION OF REPRESENTATION URGENCY COMMITTEE (following confirmation of Committee Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen) – to include Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of the two committees and 2 other(s) – currently 8 members, advisory minimum 5 members)

10        PAYMENT SIGNATORIES – to confirm the Councillors to act as cheque signatories and/or payment authorisers (currently all Cllrs except Leake and Parker)

11       COUNCILLOR INTERNAL CONTROLLER – to consider the appointment and the duties of the role of Councillor Internal Controller (currently Cllr Dilliway) (report attached)

12       APPOINTMENT OF INTERNAL AUDITOR – to consider the need for a review of Internal Audit ahead of an appointment of an independent and competent Internal Auditor for the period up to March 2019. (report attached)

13       APPOINTMENT OF REPRESENTATIVES FOR 2018-2019 (existing representation shown)

         13.1            Sub-Committees and Working Parties

        13.1.1           Parish People’s Awards Working Party (Cllrs Doyle, McLean, Holland and   Leake)

        13.1.2             Neighbourhood Action Working Group (Cllrs Collett, Holland and Smith with the Clerk)

        13.1.3             Risk Assessment Review Working Party (Cllrs Evans, Doyle, Holland and Leake)

       13.1.4             Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (Cllrs Doyle, Dilliway and Collett)

        13.1.5            Blue Mountain Community Facility Working Group (Cllrs Collett, Holland, Leake and Borough Cllr Peacey with the Clerk)

13.2    On Outside Bodies

13.2.1 Binfield Welfare Charities – Two Representatives – (Current Representatives: Mrs E Leake

and Ms A Wickham (4 year term April 2015-19)

13.2.2 Northern Parishes Liaison Group – including Artsweek - Clerk and three

representatives (Current Representatives: Cllr Collett, Doyle and Leake and the Clerk) NB this group has not met in the past 12 months

13.2.3    Binfield Tennis Association – One Representative (Current Representative: Cllr Collett)

13.2.4 Memorial Hall Management Committee – One Representative (Current Representative: Cllr

Parker supported in recent months by Cllr Smith)

13.2.5    Farley Wood Joint Management Committee – One Representative (Current Representative:Cllr Parker)

13.2.6    Parish & Town Council Liaison Group - Clerk and two representatives (Current Representatives: Cllrs Collett and Doyle)

13.2.7    Bracknell Forest Council Parks and Public Realm Forum – Clerk and one Representative (Current Representative: Cllr Horton)

13.2.8    Bracknell Forest Council Standards Committee – One Representative (non-Borough Councillor, yearly rotated through the parishes) (NB Binfield PC is asked to make representation in 2021/22 and 2022/23)

13.2.9    Bracknell Forest Council Biodiversity Forum – One Representative plus the Clerk(Current Representative: Cllr Horton supported by Cllr Holland)

13.2.10 Campaign to Protect Rural England – One Representative (Current Representative: Cllr Doyle)

13.2.11 Binfield 10k Committee - one representative (Current Representative: The Clerk)

14           MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS – to Approve and Adopt the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10 April 2018 (copy attached)

15           MATTERS ARISING – to consider matters arising from the Council meeting held on 10 April 2018


   to Approve & Adopt the following Minutes, including recommendations (if applicable)     (copies attached or to follow):

16.1        Amenity Committee meeting held on 17 April 2018

16.2       Planning and Transportation Committee meeting 24 April 2018


17.1       Amenity Committee meeting held on 17 April 2018

17.2       Planning and Transportation Committee meeting 24 April 2018

18           CORRESPONDENCE – to consider correspondence received (copy to be tabled at meeting)

19           CHAIRMAN’S ITEMS

19.1       Core Policies Review to review the latest draft of the following key policies and consider adoption or amendment: (report attached)

19.1.1    Standing Orders – amended draft attached

19.1.2    Financial Regulations – amended draft attached

19.1.3    Code of Conduct – existing document attached

19.2       Supplementary Policies Review – Committee Terms of Reference - to consider a report and draft policies outlining the delegated authority to Committees (report attached) and consider approval or amendment of:

19.2.1    Terms of Reference for Planning & Transportation Committee draft policy attached

19.2.2    Terms of Reference for Amenity Committee draft policy attached

19.2.3    Terms of Reference for Staffing Committee draft policy attached

19.2.4    Terms of Reference for Urgency Committee draft policy attached

19.3       Review of Annual Attendance Record – to review the record of attendance for the previous municipal year. (report attached)


                To consider a report setting out a number of policies which have been drafted inline with model policies proposed by NALC and/or SLCC to ensure compliance with the upcoming GDPR legislation. (report attached)

20.1       Information and Data Protection Policy – to consider, and approve, the draft policy (attached)

20.2       Data Retention, Transfer and Disposal Policy – to consider, and approve, the draft policy and data audit (attached)

20.3       Social Media Policy – to consider, and approve, the updated policy (attached)

20.4       Sample Privacy Notice and Consent form – to consider, and approve, a sample privacy notice and consent form (attached)

20.5       ICO Model Publication Scheme to consider, and approve, the draft model publication scheme (attached)


21.1       Parish Office Extension Project

                To consider the latest update from the Parish Office Working Group meeting on 1 May 2018 (report to follow)

21.2       Blue Mountain Community Facility Working Party Update

                To consider the latest update from the working group meetings (verbal update at the meeting)

22           ACCOUNTS        

22.1       Accounts 2017/18           

22.1.1    Internal Auditor’s Report

to receive and consider the Internal Auditor’s notes for submission to the External Auditor

with the 2016/17 Accounts report (report attached)

22.1.2   Annual Governance Statement 2017/18

to consider and agree the Annual Governance Statement (draft copy attached, final version to

be tabled at the meeting)

22.1.3  Signature of Accounts 2017/18

To agree and sign the Annual Return of statement of accounts for the year ending 31 March 2018 for submission to the External Auditors, PKF Littlejohn (draft copy attached, final version to be tabled at the meeting)

22.1.4    Community Infrastructure Levy Annual Report 2017/18

To agree and sign the report of CIL received and spent for the year ending 31 March 2018 (report attached)

22.2        Accounts 2018/19

22.2.1  to approve an agreed list of  payments as set out in the budget, to facilitate the ongoing work of the council (report attached)

             22.2.2  to Note a list of Council and/or staff subscriptions to other bodies (report attached)

             22.2.3    to Note accounts for payment (copy of approval list to be tabled at meeting)

22.2.4    Community Infrastructure Levy – to receive report of current funds (to be tabled at the meeting)

23           BRACKNELL FOREST COUNCIL – to consider Update Report by Borough Councillors - Cllrs Leake and McLean.

24           FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS – to propose items for future meetings or committee meetings




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