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News  »  20 March 2018 - Planning & Transportation Committee AGENDA

   20 March 2018 - Planning & Transportation Committee AGENDA    15 March, 2018

Planning & Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda - read below or download from the Meetings, Minutes, & Agenda page


​ Planning & Transportation Committee

Tuesday 20 March, 8pm

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF LOCATION: Scout Hut, Terrace Road North, Binfield


A hard copy agenda is on the Binfield Library noticeboard and please call 01344 454 602 or email binfieldparish.council@btinternet.com to request an agenda be sent to you or please pop into the Parish Office (Lexham House, Forest Road Binfield) if you would like to collect a hard copy.


1          Apologies for Absence   

2          Declaration of Interests – to declare any personal or prejudicial interests in respect of any matter to be considered at this meeting     

3          Public Participation - There are 15 minutes set aside for the public to ask questions or make comments

4          Matters Arising – to consider matters arising from the meeting on 27 February 2018 (minutes attached)

5          Correspondence – (to be tabled at meeting)

6          Lists – to consider planning applications (document attached)

7          Proactive Planning 

7.1       Bracknell Forest Council Local Plan consultation - to consider the Parish Council’s comment (latest copy attached, further version may follow)

7.2       Landscape Character Assessment recommendation to designate a conservation area – to receive the latest update on the request to designate a conservation area in Wicks Green/Monks Alley. (update to be tabled at meeting)

7.3       B.R.I.A.N Railton Traffic study  - to receive the latest update on progress with the traffic study.  (update to be tabled at meeting)

8          Neighbourhood Plan – to receive an update from Cllr Doyle regarding progress with the second iteration of the Binfield Neighbourhood Plan (update to be tabled at meeting)

9          Latest CIL Update - to review the current CIL notifications (Liability and Demand) (to be tabled at the meeting)

10        Future Agenda Items – to receive items of information and requests for items to be considered at future meetings

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