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   Binfield parish car park closure - letter to parents/carers at Binfield CE School    8 February, 2018

Please find a copy of a letter Binfield CE Primary School has kindly sent out today to parents/carers of children at the school regarding the Binfield Parish car park closure.

This letter was sent on behalf of the Binfield Parish Office and the Neighbourhood Policing Team (Thames Valley Police). It advises parents/carers of the parish car park closure on Wednesday 14 February 2018 and suggests alternative options for the walk/drive to school, with a polite request for respectful parking.


Letter dated: 7 February 2018

Dear Parent/Carer at Binfield CE Primary School, 
Many of you will be aware that Binfield Parish Council secured planning permission to extend the current parish office which sits in Foxley Fields adjacent to Binfield CE Primary School.   The development is due to start during the week commencing Monday 19 February – the week after the half-term break. 
To enable the development to be safe for all users of the area, the full site will be contained, including the car park.  This will mean that the site will hold all of its own parking, no contractors will need to park in the surrounding area, but it also means the loss of the 12 parking spaces for the duration of the build.  The carpark will close from Wednesday 14 February 2018.
The positive news is that the project is planned to take only two school terms and when finished there will be 22 spaces plus a dedicated drop off area.  
We are all aware of the daily pressure the school run puts on the area.  For this reason, we would urge every parent/carer to consider school run options now. As the days get longer and the weather, hopefully, gets milder there are alternative options you can consider to reduce car usage.  For example:  ➢ A car share with neighbours or friends making the same journey at the same time? ➢ For older children, a drop off further away from school giving them valuable experience of making some of the journey alone - great preparation for the transition to secondary school!  ➢ A walking bus organised and shared with like-minded friends - a group of children all walk together with one adult – everyone benefits from some fresh air and exercise ➢ If you must drive, are there other places you could park – a friends drive?  Popes Meadow? The Daruchini brasserie along Terrace Road South have always allowed parking in their car park at school drop off/pick up times. It’s a 5-minute walk and you can follow either Terrace Road South to the centre of the village or walk around Foxley Lane to the cut through along Benetfeld Road. 
We know the loss of the car park will cause some inconvenience but a few minutes more on each family’s day in the short term will bring greater benefits in the medium to long term.   We’d remind all those driving of the importance of parking respectfully, not on private property or in dangerous places such as bends.  You can find out more about the rules in relation to parking in sections 239-247 of the Highway Code. 
Kind regards

The Parish Office Team

01344 454 602, binfieldparish.council@btinternet.com

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