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   Proposed parking schemes - comments needed by 25th August 2017    1 August, 2017

Please find three proposed waiting schemes for Binfield (further information follows):

1.Emmets Nest - 5144/013

2.Terrace Road North (adjacent to the Victoria Arms Public House) - 5144/016

3.Terrace Road North (adjacent to the Chemist) - 5144/017

If you have any comments or objections to any of the proposals Bracknell Forest Borough Council would be grateful to receive them by the 25th August 2017.

You can contact the Borough Council with your comment or objections by calling 01344 352000 or via email customer.services@bracknell-forest.gov.uk or in writing at Bracknell Forest, Easthampstead House, Town Square, Bracknell, RG12 1AQ.

Further details on each of the proposed waiting schemes are here:

Emmets Nest, Binfield 5144/013 The issue of vehicles parking on the east corner of Emmets Nest was brought to the Council’s attention by residents complaining about obstructive junction parking. Subsequent site visits by Transport Engineers confirmed this and led to the conclusion that safety would benefit from double yellow lines be added to prevent junction parking in this location.


Terrace Road North, Binfield (Adjacent to the Victoria Arms PH) 5144/016 Terrace Road North, Binfield experiences a high demand for parking near the Victoria Arms public house due to nearby houses having a limited provision of off street parking. Parking on both sides of the carriageway is prevalent at this location. Due to the width of the road being at its narrowest at this location parked vehicles can make it difficult for larger vehicles to negotiate. Therefore new lengths of double yellow lines are proposed in order to maintain access for all vehicles along the road.


Terrace Road North, Binfield (Adjacent to the chemist) 5144/017 This issue has been brought to our attention by the Parish Council. Due to the high level of long term parking adjacent to the chemist on Terrace Road North, customers for the chemist find it extremely difficult to park which results in unsafe parking from either parking on double yellow lines blocking passage along the road or on the footpath obstructing pedestrians. The introduction of a limited waiting bay to accommodate 3 vehicles is proposed with a 30 minute maximum stay with no return within 1 hour. This limited waiting time should create a quick turnover in the spaces allowing chemist customers to park safely.

If you'd like a copy of the proposed waiting schemes with maps then please contact either Bracknell Forest Borough Council direct or Binfield Parish Council.



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