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   Binfield Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - Thursday 3 March 2016    5 February, 2016

The question that the referendum will ask is: "Do you want Bracknell Forest Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Binfield Parish to help it decide planning applications in the Binfield Parish area?"  A simple majority, that is over 50% of those voting, will result in the plan becoming part of planning policy.

If a Yes vote is the outcome, then the Plan will become a part of planning policy which will specifically relate to Binfield.  The Borough Council will refer to the Plan when making decisions on planning applications within the Parish boundary and Developers will take note when considering projects.  In addition, a much larger proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which is paid by developers - about 66% more than without the Plan - will be paid directly to the Parish to be spent on local projects for the benefit of those who live and work in the community.

If a No vote is the outcome then planning policy for Binfield will remain as it currently is with no changes.  Binfield Parish will still receive CIL, but at the much lower rate.

The Plan sets out policies that local people have said are important to life in Binfield.  The plan is not about WHERE developments should take place but it is about HOW development should happen, such as protecting local green spaces (policy ENV3), how backland or infill development should be considered (policy BF1).  No sites are proposed for development in the Binfield Neighbourhood Plan. 

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