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   Parking Problems - Positive community spirit needed!     15 October, 2015

If the parking challenge is all getting a bit too much and you can never find a space, if you woud love to walk but have to get off to work or if you can just see a simple solution in your street or area and wonder why everyone else doesnt see the obvious.... Join us! We are holding two "idea generation" sessions in the Parish Office, in the morning and again in the afternoon on Tuesday 3 November.  Session one will run 8.45 to 9.45am and session two will run from 2.15 to 3.15pm.   These are not forums for complaining about the parking (we all KNOW!) this is an idea to contribute to bright ideas that could help - walking buses, drop off zones, rent a drive! And I am sure many many more! We'd love to see you if you have a positive contribution to make!

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