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   Police advice for a safe Christmas    6 December, 2012

The police offer the following advice to secure your home over the Christmas period and beyond...

Last year a burglar was caught in London who told the police of the things that would put him off burgling a house. These were;


1.    A dog or sign warning of a dog: burglars will not risk entry if there is even a 'hint' of a dog in the home.

2.    Pebbled drives or shingled patios: these make it difficult when approaching a house because footsteps make a crunching noise on the loose surface.

3.    Alarms: even when the alarm is fake. The man said he never burgled a home with a burglar alarm box.

4.    CCTV camera: he said burglars mostly avoided homes with CCTV, even when they suspect the cameras are fake.

5.    Wire on gates and anti-climb paint: these measures make it difficult and 'messy' for a burglar to gain access to a home.

6.    Well lit: he said that if any lights were on he avoided the home.

7.    Motion sensor lighting: lights outside homes that went on as soon as anyone walked close by are also a major deterrent.

8.    Lock your doors and remove the key, hiding it somewhere safe. Keys left in the front door, even when locked may be accessible to someone putting their hand or an implement through the letterbox to locate the key enabling them to get in.

9.    Secure windows, don't leave them open and where window locks are fitted, lock them. (This particular man never forced entry. He entered homes through open windows or doors that did not have one of the listed deterrents.  This was the observation of just one burglar. Other burglars may employ different techniques.)


Other useful advice to keep your home safe and secure includes;


10.    Use timer switches at home to give an impression that someone is in.

11.    Close your blinds and curtains at night to stop people from looking into your home and seeing your possessions.

12.    Keep windows and doors secure.

13.    Lock side gates.

14.    Consider a burglar alarm.

15.    Don't leave spare keys 'hidden' outside. Consider a good key safe.

16.    Don't leave car keys in the hall near the front door and don't leave valuable items in your vehicles.


While we do everything we can in Bracknell Forest to help reduce crime the number of burglaries to homes has fell by over 23% last year following a fall of almost 23% in 2011. The number of burglaries to homes in Bracknell Forest is now at its' lowest for over 10 years and is the lowest in Berkshire. Numbers could fall further if residents adopted one or more of the measures listed.

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