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   Chargers for mobile phones wanted    3 February, 2010

Today we had another mobile phone handed in.  I wonder if the owner will think to ask the Parish Office if it has been handed in?

We have returned a couple of phones to their owners and that has been because we have been able to turn them on and find an entry such as "Mum" or "Dad" and then call them to let them know.

Some phones have probably run out of charge so we are stuck.  Phone shops are not allowed to find information from the phone.  If we had some chargers for the different makes then we could start them up and find out who they belong to.  So if you have any spare chargers that you could let us have, please LABEL THEM CLEARLY with their phone type, and we could keep them at the office.

In the meantime, we do have one phone to return to its owner - if you hear of anyone who has lost one then ask them if they have checked with the Parish Office.  They might be lucky...!

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